Why Barn Door Hardware Is Best Custom-Made

Barn doors, and the hardware to go with them, are a stylish trend in interior design. Old-fashioned barn doors, the ones that go along a top-mounted track, have experienced a revival of sorts, and many manufacturers have expanded upon the basic sliding door concept to adapt the mechanism to pretty much any style your imagination can think of. Want clean & minimalist? Got it. How about industrial, sleek and meticulously designed? You bet.

When one is in the market for barn door hardware, the quality of hardware is often overlooked. Barn door hardware is best custom-made (hence custom barn door hardware from SpecialtyDoors), since there are no two doors exactly alike. Doors and rooms are not only different sizes; they are made from different types of wood or glass, and come with differently sized and shaped openings.  No matter what hardware you choose, it is vital that you make sure to get the right type, in the correct length, for your door.

Every property owner has different requirements, too. What features do they want? What kind of people go in their space? Those are questions you should have in mind when seeking the advice of a barn door hardware professional.

Quality of Hardware

Another reason it’s best to get custom-made barn door hardware is the quality that goes into it. When you invest in a product from a premium brand, due care and attention to detail are applied when each kit is made to order. There is a craftsmanship that goes into the process.

People buy these kits infrequently, because of one simple reason: they last very long, are low-maintenance. If a cheaper door breaks down or loses its original functionality, you’ll have to spend more on repairs later.

When you’re identifying and researching your desired type and make of hardware, do you rush out to buy the first kit that you find? If you do, you may be missing out on many of the advantages of barn door hardware in the first place.

Buy custom door hardware from those who take pride in the labor, and the fruit it brings.

Hardware with “Custom” Customer Service

The hardware kit itself isn’t the only part that needs to be custom. Ideally, you should shop locally. Even more so, you should be shopping a local vendor who really knows and understands their barn door hardware, to the point that whatever you ask them, you will never go wrong with any answer they give you.

Barn door hardware is one of the most popular home products available, but there are many things that you need to know when purchasing your own. Specialty Doors & Hardware stocks high-quality hardware that is easy to use and looks great on the inside (and outside) of your home. They also specialize in custom customer service, so if you have any questions when you are looking at hardware, you can contact them, and seasoned door specialists will be at your service to help you find the right item for your needs.

We don’t believe you should have to spend a fortune (in money OR time) on barn door hardware, just to have the hardware that is right for your home.